What Makes SEO Better than PPC?

//What Makes SEO Better than PPC?

The challenges that the SEO industry is facing since the past couple of years has made businesses to believe that search engine optimization is obsolete and PPC has taken over. However, the truth is that neither has SEO been superseded, nor has PPC overpowered it. The sustainable competitive advantage that you get through strategic search engine optimization is unbeatable by a pay-per-click campaign. However, what works for one may not work for the other. Results achieved through SEO may be more reliable and long-lasting, but for some businesses that are looking for immediate results, a well-thought-out PPC strategy may be the best option.

Let us look deeper into the two strategies and see what makes SEO work better than PPC for majority of businesses –

  1. SEO is driven by strategy, PPC is driven by bidding – The key difference in SEO and PPC is that organic optimization involves a lot of strategies to improve the visibility of the site, while PPC is all about who bids higher. This difference means that when you have a well structured website, link building and targeted keywords, backed with superior quality content, you can stay on top of the line through organic search. However, in PPC there is constant uncertainty because you can only stay on top if you bid higher than your competitors.
  2. Go organic for consistent results – When you are looking for long term results, SEO is your best option. While you may not rank on the first page of the search engines overnight, the results achieved last relatively longer than PPC. This helps you enjoy sustainable traffic, without spending a lot of money on bidding or traditional marketing methods.
  3. SEO helps you build an authoritative site – By generating sustainable traffic to your web pages; you can build an authoritative site. Through smart content powered SEO strategy, you can gain consistent traffic on the targeted pages and build up a reputation that helps your business dominate the market.
  4. Add value to your website through website optimization – Your website is your virtual business. When you have to sell your business, you ensure that it has high value. Same applies with business websites. To get a premium price for your website, you need to increase its value and what better way to do it than a first page ranking on the search engine.

Nevertheless, PPC still holds its significance in the online marketing industry, especially when you are looking for highly targeted traffic for a time-sensitive offer. To find out whether SEO will work for your business or PPC is the way is your best option, Nuzzledot can help you get a viable solution.