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The Power Of Your Website’s Home Page

Apparently, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Whoever said that is out of their mind because everyone judges a book by it’s cover!

Right now, your business is a novel of successes and failures, ups and downs, growth and expansion. Woven through those pages are your stories of customer satisfaction and the amazing services your business can provide for your customers. The question is, is your cover attractive enough for an average website visitor to pull your book off the shelf and dive in?

Your website homepage is the cover to your book. It is your key to attracting and retaining visitors as it is the first thing they see when they search for you online. It’s the first impression that you will never get back.

So let’s make that first impression unforgettable.

Always Have The Basics
The logo, a navigation bar, search capabilities, copy for SEO, and maybe even some branding considerations for the design and layout are essential basics that every homepage should display. These features give accessibility and ease for your visitors and keeping things clean and clutter-free starts with the basics.

2. Creating Objectives
When visitors come to your site, what do you want them to do? Where do you want them to click next? The elements of your homepage should all be designed with these questions in mind as you want to cultivate a clear and overall good user experience. Providing clear routes to products can also help if they are visiting your site with the intention to buy.

Similarly displaying your company’s objectives is also important. This gives your company a voice and can explain why you are here to help them. You can also use these objectives to promote specific products.

3. Your Brand and Who You Are
The most important question you need to ask yourself might be, when someone visits our site, do they know who we are and what we do? Make sure your logo, imagery, and all design elements, down to the very last detail, all tell a story of who you are as a company. Structure all elements to persuade people to read your copy and do not make it difficult for people to find more information about your company.

For more information on designing your homepage to attract visitors and convert leads while staying true to who you are, give us a call at 877-956-2259.

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