How Much Should Your Website Cost

Your website is the portfolio of your company. It’s the first thing they see and their first impression of your company’s brand.

Regardless of how they found you; Google, Referrals, or Word of Mouth, most potential customers will look at your website to learn more about your services before purchasing.
That’s why having a website is crucial to your business success.

Nowadays, websites can be created with a few dollars making it harder and harder to stand out from your competitors. That’s why you need a professional team that can help you separate yourself and have your brand be remembered.

Here are the costs for building a website:

Features Costs
Website Domain $12 - $50
Website Hosting $12 - $500
SSL Certificate $0 - $200
Website Template $0 - $200
Ecommerce Plugin $20 - $20000
Website Content Written $0 - $10,000
App, Plugins, and Other Integrations $0 - $100
SEO and Marketing $0 - $10000

Depending on the professionalism of the usability, design, layout, and content, the price will vary and sometimes be even higher than these ranges.

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