So you want to rebuild your website?

//So you want to rebuild your website?

Many businesses want to improve and update their websites. Don’t get me wrong; that’s often a good idea. The design of a website is like the design of a shop; it really does make a difference to the customer experience and to the impression that your company makes. That’s why so many of our clients are telling us that they want better looking, more mobile-friendly sites with enhanced functionality; sites that will generate more conversions. So, they want to rebuild their sites from scratch or give their current site a major overhaul. But, there’s more to consider than just the site design.


One of our clients recently went through this process unaware of the danger they were facing. You cannot simply replace an old website with a new one. There is a transition process that needs to be well planned, thoroughly thought out and fully reviewed before any modifications are made. Otherwise, you can lose your online traction. It can be like starting all over again; site visibility can plummet and existing links and bookmarks can be invalidated. Recently, one of our clients decided they wanted an all-new website. Fortunately, they spoke to us first.

Managing the Transition

This customer was smart enough to know it was a task that required more than just a good web designer; it needed a consultant who could predict the unintended consequences of the move and bring both existing and future customers along for the ride. Most importantly, they needed a consultant who answered the phone Monday through Sunday and took the time to study their business and the local competition.


The work was hard, but the results were awesome. All of the site’s rankings were maintained. We are even seeing some improvement in the site’s rankings, due to the upgraded content. Our client is thrilled. However, we know exactly why the pickup on their new site has been so good, and we can produce the same kind of results for you.

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