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Social Media’s Best Practices

In case you haven’t noticed, social media has become a key part of marketing strategies for all businesses and it is here to stay. This business trend just started in 2010, and in five years has enabled small companies to grow and reach audiences they never thought they could.

But for many, social media can seem like a foreign language when it comes to marketing your brand. We are so used to using it in a personal way, but in a business way, a whole other ball game….Or is it?

Not really. When you use social media for personal reasons, aren’t you still promoting something? Your life? We all like posting pictures of our dogs, children, spouses, houses, vacations, etc. In a sense, we are selling people on the idea that our life is amazing. The same goes for your business’s social media accounts.

But in order to ensure progress that is greater than the number of likes your personal account receives, you’re going to want to follow a few guidelines.

Post Consistently
This is the most important part of social media: being present and engaged. If you fail to post on a regular basis, you lose relevance in your customer’s eyes. If they notice you repeatedly posting and being apart of the conversation, visitor’s are more likely to pay more attention and maybe even engage back.

2. Keep It Simple
The attention span on people on social media is insanely short. You want to be blunt, surprising, and engaging. Just posting a great picture of customers or your staff is a great way to grab people’s attention.

3. Don’t Make It All About You
We know, the purpose of your social media account is to get visitors to your site and turn them into leads and finally into buyers. But when you post on social media, the only thing you’re trying to do is to get people to notice you. How do you do that in real life? You could literally start doing cartwheels around a supermarket…that would definitely work, even if it isn’t something you normally do. But for social media purposes, think of other content you could share or post that would grab people’s attention and maybe just make them think, “Cool” or better yet, make them laugh.

4. Find Your People
When you know your ultimate buyer persona’s, you know exactly what type of social media accounts they have, the things they like, and the posts they likely read and share. So go find them! Add them! Like their photos. Comment on their posts! They will love the attention. Make sure you are apart of groups and following other accounts that they are interested in as well. Be engaged with your potential customers.