SEO Trends 2018

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As technology advances, so do platforms on which marketing strategies are implemented. Here we list many trends currently driving SEO.

Searcher Intent

Google has been focused on matching search results to the unique intent of the searchers inquiry. We must now look beyond keywords and traditional ranking methods for search engines to rank content higher. Nowadays, search engines will also recognize purposeful content that aligns to their objective of delivering relevancy.

Voice Search & Digital Assistants

As mentioned in our previous article, voice search is becoming the new standard. According to Google, use of digital assistants accounts for as many as 20% of all searches. Smart assistants on our devices like Siri and Google App make voice search a convenience. In order to adapt to digital assistants, your web content should be conversational in nature, include long-tail keywords, and simulate how people talk and ask questions verbally.


Although mobile search is nothing new, its prevalence is changing in a major way. For example, Google’s mobile-first index initiative is an update that will give priority to mobile versions of websites. If a site doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version, the desktop site will still be crawled, but this could negatively impact search engine rankings.

Video & Images

We live in a visual world, and webpage visitors expect no less. Image and Video content quality is an extremely vital component. When potential customers visit your site, they want to see what your product looks like, and how it operates. Include images on each of your pages, add your keywords into the alt-text of those images, and optimize resolution to fit the canvas.

Long-Form Content

We are writing more long-form content in 2018 and high-quality writing is key to success. Pages of 1,500 words or more perform better in the search engine rankings and draw more organic traffic than shorter pages. Users stay on these pages longer and long-form content often receives more backlinks and social shares.

Social Media

While it may not be breaking news, the social media platform is here to stay. Google and other search engines are placing an ever-increasing priority on content engagement across platforms. This makes likes, shares and social clicks more important than ever. Make sure you have a social media strategy and you are posting content your audience will engage with.

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