Reasons to Hire Online Independently Contracted Experts for Your Business

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If you are the owner of an online business, you already know how much work is involved in daily operation. From product sourcing to copywriting and customer service to shipping, there are no shortage of tasks. If you are attempting to do it on your own, then you haven’t taken advantage of online independent contractors. If you are looking to scale your business in 2018, hiring online independent contractors may just be the answer for you.


Time to Focus on Growth

Many people build businesses that are too dependent on their own man hours to grow and operate. They may eventually find themselves in a situation where the growth of the company plateaus because their day is consumed with the operations. It’s not a bad problem to have, but one that you must overcome if you want to keep growing. You hire online workers to handle the simple time consuming tasks, then you have more time to focus on expanding, to strategize, forming key business partnerships, and acquiring new customers.

Surround Yourself with Smart People

Ever heard the saying, “Hire people that are smarter than you?” Since the beginning of time entrepreneurs have understood that they can’t do everything. To have success, they must hire people with expertise in areas they lack. In exchange, they learn from these experts and trust them to push specific areas of the company forward. Surround yourself with people that know what they are doing, so they may apply it to your business.

Less Management

In-house hiring has many pros, but can also be a greater responsibility when it comes to human resources and management. Hiring online workers requires little to no human resource…no health benefits, no confusing payment contracts, and minimal conduct requirements. Online workers do need to be managed, but it’s much less time spent as long as you set clear expectations and schedule regular meetings.

Make More Money

The most obvious reason to hire online workers is simply…it’s cost effective. Hiring online workers gives you the opportunity to lower your payroll costs while maintaining efficiency and organization. Decreased payroll means more profits and places your business in position of making more money. Those profits can then be reinvested back into the company for growth.

Still think you can handle all of your tasks yourself? Log your time. Write down how much time you spend on each task for your business. After a few days, take a good look at the number of hours that you’ve worked. What could you be doing with that time if you outsourced work? With so many tasks to do each day, outsourcing will free up your time to focus on growth and give you true freedom as a business owner.

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