PPC Campaigns Improve B2B Lead Generation


Digital Marketing

PPC Campaigns require that companies spend thousands of dollars, and generating quality leads should be the “Digital Marketing” outcome. Companies use these campaigns to have high conversion rates and a good cost per lead.

However, most leads acquired will not fit in your appropriate audience or will not be in need of your “Digital Marketing” services. In order to have a sufficient ROI, utilize 5 proven strategies to generate new customers.

  1. Set up URL Tracking

Incorporating URL tracking in “Digital Marketing” will allow you to track conversions for your campaign. However, it will also track other elements such as which campaign and site a lead was discovered, what keywords users searched for, and if they were on a mobile device or desktop. 

Some ways to implement URL’s in “Digital Marketing” are through ValueTrack Parameters or UTM parameters. You should use at least 6 parameters in your URLS, which can be utm_source, utm_term, or utm_device.

  1. Determine where leads are coming from

Make sure to capture your leads and store them in a database in order to keep track of opportunity data. You should label the lead status such as if they are a sales qualified lead or a marketing qualified lead.

You should have reports created for your leads and extract important “Digital Marketing” information such as the amount of customers gotten from different keywords used and the name and source of the leads.

  1. Segment your leads into groups

You should segment your campaigns into groups according to whether you are targeting real estate or website design companies. You should also target groups based on their location.

Also, you should set up the “Digital Marketing” campaign with the right types of keywords, ads, and landing pages. Segmenting into as many groups as possible will allow for better quality leads and higher conversion rates.

  1. Implement keywords into your paid search campaign

You need to identify which keywords work best for your “Digital Marketing” campaign and identify the keywords that are the most focused. You should search for keyword ideas within each type of audience segment and keep in mind what the searcher intent is when targeting keywords.

Also, you should filter out irrelevant keywords in order to keep away from irrelevant clicks. You should add these keywords into your negative keyword list which will notify Google or Bing to not display your ads for these keywords.

  1. Use ad-copy for your target persona

Since your “Digital Marketing” goal is to increase click-through rates, the ad copy written should work to pre-qualify visitors in order to get relevant traffic. Some things to include in your ad copy should be the business size you are targeting, what type of industry you are segmenting, and the price for your services.

In essence, PPC Campaigns work well to attract good-quality B2B leads. People in “Digital Marketing” should utilize these strategies to generate opportunities and increase the company ROI. These targeted campaigns will surely generate high quality leads and considerably boost conversion rates.

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