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Today, online marketing is a key to making potential clients aware of your company, so you can build your business.  Also called internet marketing, this approach uses SEO (search engine optimization) with keywords that the search engines use to find your website or any articles or blogs you post online.  No matter what your business is, from being a photographer to a construction company owner or roofer, this type of marketing is critical today.   Almost everyone in business now has a website, but unless you tell people about it, such as through e-mails or face-to-face meetings, your potential clients won’t know about your website.  That’s where SEO and online marketing comes in.  It enables people who haven’t heard of you before to discover your company, when they put in the search terms in their browser to find the products or services they are looking for.

For example, a man in Coral Springs  having foot pain might want to find a doctor specializing in this area, so he might put in “podiatrist” and “Coral Springs” in the search engine; and if you have those words every paragraph or so on the pages of your website or in articles and blogs you post online, these will turn up.  Likewise, a construction company owner might put in the related words prospective customers might use, such as “roofing”, “windows,” and “builders” along with the city name.

Your goal in online marketing should thus be to incorporate the relevant key words for your business every 100 words or so, which commonly means in every paragraph.  But you don’t want to use them too frequently in internet marketing, or the search engine bots that pick up these words to create the search engines listings like Google will think the page is spam. By doing SEO correctly, you will increase your rankings when someone puts in your chosen keywords, so you show up among the top listed items on a search – ideally first or second, or at least in the top three to five listings. Then, the prospective customer who has done the search is more likely to click on your listings and therefore find you.   Though you can write your own SEO-optimized copy to be successful in online marketing, a SEO expert can help you in writing the copy for your website, article or blog.

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