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Best Marketing Tools For Small and Medium Businesses

To stay ahead of your competition it is important to be an expert in researching and embracing marketing tools. For businesses that are active on social media and are willing to flourish their online business, the best way is to utilize these marketing tools that are a must in today’s marketing space.

Most small businesses and startups have a small budget which restricts them from availing marketing services from advertising agencies. For such businesses we have a list of best marketing tools which will help you succeed online.


Social Media Marketing Services in South Florida

Buzzsumo ranks as the best online marketing tools and is one of the most trending tools as well. It is one of the most easily accessible tool and contains information on every topic. This is an extremely supportive tool for start-ups who are constantly struggling to find new or popular articles, trends or any kind of content in their industry.

The content shown in this tool is mostly viral on all social media platforms. By far in our experience this tool is the most credible platform for marketers as the information your get is from credible authors who publish content based on facts and figures.


As a small business time is very crucial for your business. Hootsuite is a scheduling tool which allows you to schedule your posts for all your social media platforms in one go. With the free service plan of this tool you can schedule upto 30 posts in a month. Though this tool is makes your life easy and saves a lot of time, it does not allow you to post on Instagram directly. You have to link a mobile device with your Hootsuite account to access Hootsuite.

Yet we would suggest that it is great tool for scheduling your posts all in one go.


This is another post scheduling tool just like Hootsuite . The major difference between Hootsuite and Buffer is that Buffer allows you to share content on Instagram without having to link a mobile device. Another advantage of using this tool is its analytics. The analytics shown in this tool helps you to increase your followers and stay engaged with them substantially.

The free services plan allows you to schedule more than 30 posts a month.


If you are planning to do a hashtags campaign then this tool is all you need. This tool gives you a clear overview into trending hashtags. Ensuring that your post shows up on searches in social media using hashtags is the best way. As a startup it is important that your business get discovered on demand. The best and quickest way is to use hashtags. Hashtagify is the best absolutely free social media marketing tools for hashtags. It helps you search by keywords to know its current trend in the market. Based on the trend you can also identify the most searched keywords and start optimizing them. So if you are struggling to increase your social media visibility, start using this tool.


If Twitter is an important component of your social media strategy Followerwonk is a must for your business. It helps you identify potential followers on Twitter which you can target. It also helps you identify the time when your target followers are active. It also helps you identify the kind of content your potential followers find interesting. With these insights you can create engaging tweets to tap your audience. You can use this tool to create opportunities which increases your visibility to influencers from your industry.


Videos are yet another important aspect of a Digital Marketing strategy. This tool helps you create short videos which can help you gain momentum to tap your customers online. Statistics show that visuals create more traction than to written content. With this tool creating a creative, engaging or informative video is a hassle free process.

If you have not yet tried doing video marketing because of the inability to create videos, you must try this tool.


This tool is specifically for content writers who need help with vocabulary. For content marketers, this is one of the most powerful tool which keeps you updated with catchy phrases or words that you can use in your social media posts. “Content is King”, is the most common yet the most important saying for successful execution of all digital marketing campaigns. This tool has a desktop version which is easy to install. While creating a new content you can add new content instantly. This tool has been a boon for our bloggers and copy writers.


You might be a master of creating content but grammatical error or a punctuation error is inevitable. This tool helps you double check the content you have created. To check the grammar, spelling and other errors in your content there are many tools available online. But we recommend using Grammarly as it is one of the best tools.

To summarize, using these tools is a must for all small businesses or start ups that are looking to increasing their online presence.

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