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The new year is right around the corner, and with that will be a new set of marketing goals and ideas that you would like to implement through your marketing campaigns for 2016. Whether it is improving your mobile website, running unique and new campaigns, or designing new graphics for your site to improve lead generation, you need to be able to do all of this within a comfortable budget that accomplishes what you set out to achieve in the new year.

Keep Your Marketing Goals Close
The money you spend on any marketing budget is calculated based on your ROI, yes we know this. But depending on what you are trying to achieve, that ROI could be sales, how many leads you get in a year, or even on the volume of impressions or clicks. It is also dependent on who you are trying to reach and how many people that involves. Like Twitter for example, you have the option to target your paid advertising based on users’ interests OR keywords they might be searching. Interests are very broad and will certainly expose you to a much larger audience, whereas specific keywords people are searching is a much smaller audience, but one that might generate more leads through focused targeting.

Be Prepared For Extra Costs
Once you have your marketing goals in line and know exactly who you are trying to reach, try to think of any hidden fees that might pop up unexpectedly. Give yourself some room in case of emergencies or if you stumble upon something that might really drive your marketing campaign forward. The worst thing you can do is spend more money than your budget allows and put yourself in a position where you have to hold back on things like research or product testing that really is just as important.

Stay Focused
The beautiful thing about marketing is there are so many features, add-ons, and unique extras that can help your company to stand out and really make a name for itself. This can also be overwhelming at times, as the variety of possibilities is endless. But you need to stay focused on what is necessary rather than what would be nice to have. How do you do that? Through organizing your expenses.

There are a variety free marketing budget templates available for you to download online and use as you embark on your 2016 campaigns. There are specific templates for paid advertising budgets, content budgets, and even public relations. This tool is the key to staying focused in your marketing needs and making sure every decision you make fulfills your ultimate marketing goals of reaching out and influencing your audience.

With the ever-changing face of marketing and the variety of options you have in design, content, and audience, having a marketing budget is essential to reaching your goals. Sticking to this budget will be the key in succeeding and surpassing your ROI, as well as giving you the budget you need for future campaigns supporting continued growth and movement in your company marketing.

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