How To Make Your Brand Stand-Out In The Digital Marketplace

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The digital market place is a sea of vendors all clamoring for the attention of the masses. Then you have the industry leaders like Amazon continuously changing the game for online retail. If you want to be noticed, your brand needs to rise to the occasion. You must produce product content that calls to the consumer for a specific product. It could be something as simple as having family-oriented terminology or relevant photos that fully showcase your product.

So what drives shoppers to buy online? Here we mention a few practices that will help you attract more awareness to your products and brand.

Pictures, pictures and more pictures

Nearly the same way that consumers want to physically examine an item they desire prior to purchase, they have become equally as discerning with their online purchases.  Most consumers report they want to see at least 3 or more pictures of a product before they decide to buy.

Also, consumers usually search for a product category rather than a specific brand, and then narrow down their search considering things like personal preference, size, price, etc.

Giving the consumer a clear image of what their purchasing will help them in the decision-making process. More images usually translate to better customer conversions and a high rank on retail sites like Amazon.

Solicit Reviews

Getting reviews isn’t a quick process. You must actively solicit them from recent customers, using marketing programs and various CRM techniques. It’s worth the hassle as it will reward you in the long term. Consumers always look for validation before a purchase. A good image means increased sales in the long run.

Now, thanks to the review platforms on retailer sites themselves, consumers have the advantage of quickly going through buyer feedback, and a majority of them rely on the information they find. So much in fact, that polls have revealed “better reviews” was among the top reasons an item is chosen over another in the same category.

A study from Amazon found that a product with more reviews will convert at a higher rate and outrank its top competitor on the search results over 58 percent of the time.

Research Your Competitors and Build a Competitive Advantage

Flashing lights and billboards will only get you so far, you must do your homework, figure out what the competition is doing and do it better. When consumers compare similar products, they will analyze everything from price to the company’s reputation in customer service. Make sure you are consistent throughout your web presence and that the quality of your product is superior to the next guy.

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