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How SEO Pricing Works
Many businesses in the internet are keen on using search engine optimization to increase traffic to their websites. However, they have very little understanding on how much they should actually be spending on SEO services. As a result therefore, businesses end up allocating more or less funds for their SEO budgets and this hampers their ability to realize notable ROIs from their SEO endeavors. Before going into the specifics of SEO pricing, it is imperative to understand some of the factors which affect the ultimate cost of SEO. They include but not necessarily limited to the following-:
One-time or on-going projects – If you need SEO on a temporary basis, then the pricing may be based per project. But if you need the services on an on-going basis, then you are likely to use the monthly retainer model, where the agency will offer you continuous SEO services and you pay on a monthly basis.
The size of the firm or agency – With regards to hiring an SEO firm, bigger is not always necessarily better. In most cases, large firms tend to have one-size-fits-all packages suitable for small businesses while the small firms tend to offer highly customized packages for high end clients. Therefore, if you need general SEO services, the large firms may be ideal, but if you want specific services, then working with the small firms is highly recommended.
Target Market – Your audience market will also have a heavy influence on how much you will be paying for search engine optimization. Audiences in larger and competitive niches will be more expensive than audiences in smaller and less competitive niches.
Typical SEO Costs
Taking the above factors into consideration, as well as the experience of the experts, the typical SEO costs are as follows-:
Monthly retainer
Monthly retainers could be anything from $250 to over $10,000 per month. The following are some of the rates and the nature of services you are likely to get from monthly retainers-:
$250 – $500 per month –ideal for small businesses operating within a given geographical location. Be aware that it’s at this level where most of the SEO snake oil is sold, hence be careful not to dump your money on worthless services.
$700 – $1,500 per month – this is ideal for a local business targeting a particular geographic location and has a larger target audience. This package will work well if you desire a national reach and you are not in a very competitive market.
$2,000 – $6,000 per month – suitable for national, regional or international businesses dealing in niche products or services in less competitive fields.
$10,000+ per month – Suitable for regional, national or international businesses dealing in niche products or services in competitive markets.
Project Pricing
The cost of SEO services may also be pegged on the particular SEO services you are purchasing. For instance, you may be interested in a basic SEO audit, in which case you will only be required to pay for the cost of the audit. This cost would greatly differ if you need detailed SEO audits for your business. The same would also apply if you needed specific SEO services. For instance, you may opt for content marketing, social marketing or pure link building, in which case, you may not pay the same cost for each of these services.
Hourly Consulting
Most SEO Consultants, both agencies and individuals, charge anything between $75 and $300 per hour of SEO consultation.
Find the firm that is right for your need
For you to get the right pricing that will work for your SEO marketing and so that you appropriate the right budget, you need to start by determining the specific services you need, the frequency, your target audience and whether or not you will be operating on a national, regional or international level. Once these are clear, it will be a breeze to choose the right SEO firm to task with your SEO needs.
At Nuzzledot, we work with all types of businesses in helping them achieve visibility and growth in the internet. The skills, expertise and experience we have give us the pleasure to effectively audit your business for SEO and come up with the right strategies that will make your website charge to the first page of Google like a mad rhino. Contact us today for further consultations or if you need affordable and reliable search engine optimization services for your business.
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