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The Power of Local Search and Small Business Online Success
When you’re looking for a great restaurant that you’ve never been to before, and you need information like hours, menus, special deals…what do you do? Google it, right? But what exactly do you google?

Probably something along the lines of “ restaurants in (your location)”. Up pops a list of local restaurants, with access to their websites and all of the information you were just looking for.

This is called a local search. It is when customers use the internet to find a product or service they need in their current location. So what does this mean for small businesses?

Marketing to your buyer personas just got a lot easier because the customers you are looking for, are also looking for you. Now you just have to give them the content.

A great way to utilize local searches to benefit your businesses is using location information in your ads, articles, and website pages. This enhances your SEO efforts since customers want personalized results when searching for products and services. Flooding this content with specific keywords based on your customer’s location will allow your business to pop up on search engines when you buyers search for services in their area.

Along with things like hours, services, and locations, customers also want directions. Providing a map and a link for directions in Google Maps gives them the chance to easily click and be on their way to wherever you are.

And just like that, you’ve got a new client.

The power of local searches for your small business can greatly maximize your customer base. Trusting that customers now do their own research on products and services allows you to provide the information they need, getting it right from YOU. Customers want to find you quickly and giving them the power to do that is how local searches can ignite your small business.

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