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Social Media Marketing Services in South Florida

Over the past few years, Social Media has become an essential digital marketing tool, which gives exposure and more marketing leverage whether it be a product, brand or service. It has transformed from a mere trend to an all-out necessity for any marketing strategy.

People are spending a large chunk of their time online in social media channels, more than any other Internet destination. As a result, marketers have hired teams or at least one person to be focused solely on social media. They continue to learn about emerging strategies that would be effective in engaging targeted audiences and increase brand awareness. Here we highlight a few techniques that have proven to get your business tons of exposure on these platforms.

Use Multiple Social Media Networks

If you want maximum exposure for your business, you must develop a strong presence not only in Facebook or Twitter but in every upcoming social media network. These include Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and many more. These social networks focus on graphics, pictures, and videos for their delivery of content and most even communicate with each other, meaning what you post on Instagram can automatically be posted on your Facebook page. Appearing on multiple platforms ensures your brand or product will be seen by a broader audience.

More About the Story, Less About Selling

Although social media is still a digital marketing tool, constantly using these platforms to place your products in the users’ face will do more harm than good. People go to social media networks to read stories, learn new things others share and to be enthralled with interesting unique content. To be effective with social media, you must tell a story before you can sell.

When you tell stories you build rapport, and people will get interested in you and your brand. They want to know more about you and therefore want to read, view or watch more stories, pictures, and videos about you. As their curiosity grows, they will become interested in your business, in what you do and in what you sell.

Contests and Promotions

An effective strategy for social media, in general, is to get your audiences directly involved in activities. Conducting contests and other promotional activities is a great way to drive interests and solicit participation. There is no limit to the type of contests you can create, so make use of the sharing and other viral components available to bring even more exposure for your brand or business as more users’ join in.

Give Out Freebies

People love free stuff, that doesn’t mean giving your main products away. Freebies can be non-premium content, educational and useful articles, how-to’s, free webinars, free videos, and a slew of other content that can be given away for free. The more your audiences receive these freebies, the more they get to know the value of your brand, the more likely their transition into paying customers.

Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing tools in digital marketing. Digital marketers need to harness what these social networks can bring, grow and learn with them, to maximize exposure for their brand or business.

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