Forensic SEO

Forensic SEO

A main area of SEO services at Nuzzledot is forensic SEO. So what exactly is forensic SEO? Here we will detail the many facets that comprise what it is and how it works.

The Basics

Fundamentally, it’s a form of SEO that isn’t about optimizing, rather it’s more about working with a website that has lost visibility. This could involve manual input, perhaps it is suffering from the dampening effect, or it could be onsite issues preventing visibility.

In many cases, it’s a combination of these things.

When we’re doing forensic SEO, we really want to go through most areas with a fine-tooth comb. These areas include:

-Data assessment

-Changes to the site

-Host Server

-Link Building

-Google algorithms

-Negative SEO

-Website foundation

And the list goes on, usually because issues will be unique and case by case.

The truth is when you approach the issue of lost visibility, you must proceed with an open mind. Turn over every stone and never assume a solution is going to be apparent when you get started.

As mentioned before, it’s usually a combination of things. If you approach the issue with preconceived notions, you may miss a piece of the puzzle that will give insight into the overall issue.

The best strategy is to be thorough through the entire process, and you will eventually come across issues that can be turned into opportunities.

Look at the data

Figuring out when visibility began to take a nose dive should be simple enough. By digging back as far as possible, we uncover things that a basic analysis might of missed.

Many times, in an attempt to fix the site, management will implement a variety of potential fixes. This is often done with little consideration of the effects to overall performance and can result in a negative outcome.


Once the issue or issues have been identified, you can begin the process of recovery. If manual action is required, once you know what the problem is simply correct them and work towards a reconsideration.

Implement one fix at a time and let it marinate. This is because one fix might have a positive effect, and another have a negative one. The only way to be sure is to go one at a time and test these changes, making sure something is not being affected negatively in the process.

When doing forensic SEO, focus on the job right in front of you. Focus on website health. Review the data and information available thoroughly, and the answers will start to appear.

Our SEO actions have repercussions and come with a responsibility that will have real-world effects.

For more information on forensic SEO and how you can revitalize a website with lost visibility contact us at

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