Facebook Marketing Tips For Business

Facebook Marketing TipsWhen it comes to marketing your business on Facebook there are some general rules that will improve your strategy.

-Start by using the 80/20 method of posting content (80% funny, relevant, educational content and 20% promoting the business)

-Include high-quality images or original videos

-Provide coupons or discounts

-Make use of the call to action button

-Keep posts short and sweet

-Spark curiosity by using posts like “how-to-guides”, fill-in-the-blank”, “caption this photo”, etc.

So aside from the above mentioned, here are some additional guidelines for finetuning your Facebook presence.

Use Facebook and Instagram for cross promoting

There are 1.4 billion Facebook users and about 600 million Instagram users. It has been found that Facebook posts that originate on Instagram tend to receive more organic traffic. Try to cross-promote on both platforms whenever possible.

Upload videos instead of using YouTube URL

When posting always try to upload the original video versus pasting a link to YouTube. Instead of sending your viewer to another website, drive them to your landing page or to a Facebook contest page. You’ll have greater conversions if you keep them within your pages because the moment you link them elsewhere they are gone.

Be active in the comments

Many times, you’ll have people ask questions or have a comment about your post, make sure you are actively responding in the comments section. Sometimes people may need a push, on occasion start the conversation yourself. This may prompt others who may want to comment.

Facebook marketing is all about pushing the organic experience. Start incorporating some of these practices into your Facebook marketing strategy to increase your conversion rate.

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