• Nuzzledot - Exit Intent Pop Ups


You may have noticed a growing number of exit intent popups flashing on your screen just before you leave a particular website. This is because many companies are using this strategy to produce more leads…and it’s worked.

But how does it work? New technology has made it now possible to track a person’s mouse as it moves over a web page. And when you’re just about to click exit, or type in a new url on your browser, a popup triggers and you’re asked to maybe join a mailing list, or you’re offered a discount.

This technique asks the visitor to engage on a company’s page for just a bit longer and gives them a reason to do so. They could offer a coupon, an eBook, a free trial, a chance to win a sweepstakes…the list goes on and on.

Because this technique can sometimes seem a bit scammy and over-the-top, it is important to know when to use it and how if you’re ready to implement the exit-popup strategy onto your business’s website.

Remember to keep your buyer’s journey in mind. What kind of information did they see before the popup? What might they be looking for instead? Depending on the page they are looking at, you may want to tailor your popups to whatever they are searching for.

For example: If a visitor is looking at your products and their pricing, you may want a popup that offers a discount.

Make sure your popups also create a feeling of value, urgency, and simplicity. You don’t want to bombard them, you just want to give them a tap on the shoulder with something worth sticking around for. Tell them exactly what they will receive and when…make them feel like they have to have it NOW.

And always take the time to Design your popup so it’s clean and consistent with your brand. You also want it to POP, because, well, it’s a popup. It needs to create visual interest and stimulation with different size fonts, bold lettering against regular, and colors that attract the visitor.

Don’t forget to always give the visitor the choice to say no. Unfortunately, there are some leads you just have to let go. But follow the advice above and you’ll make it really hard for them to do so.

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