Email Collection for your eCommerce Website

/, SEO/Email Collection for your eCommerce Website
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Running an eCommerce website? If so, do you have an email collection policy in place? As you know, not every visitor will make a purchase. Some will take the time to browse your website and learn about your products or services while some will immediately leave. Having an email form on your website is essential to capture those still in the research phase. Collecting emails helps your business:

  • Establish a personal connection
  • Continue the conversation
  • Offer exclusive deals and specials
  • Conduct promotional surveys
  • Test new products or services
  • Follow up with potential customers

Visitors on your mailing list will then start to automatically receive relevant messages. Every email should contain compelling content and educate the prospect with additional information about your products or services.

Caution needs to be taken as sending too many emails or not providing any value will cause subscribers to unsubscribe. Content is what ultimately brings everything together so it is important to have a strong strategy in place that differentiates your brand and builds trust with your audience.

Analysis is an important step during the lead nurturing process to understand which traffic sources are generating quality leads and which emails are producing the best conversions. This information is absolutely invaluable to make improvements to a digital marketing campaign.

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