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1609, 2018

Pros & Cons of Marketing Automation

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Pros & Cons of Marketing Automation When marketing automation was first introduced, the idea of having your leads nurtured and activities executed automatically was enough to attract most marketing professionals, although many stood on the fence skeptical of its capability. Fast-forward to today, and marketing automation has evolved from a niche to a must have for anyone calling themselves a marketing pro. Over the years marketing teams have learned that automation is a tool and that using it involves challenges as well as benefits. Along with a great range of benefits, it has its fair share of headaches. Here

309, 2018

Benefits of Using a Marketing Agency

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Benefits of Using a Marketing Agency     If you are considering the pros and cons of hiring an outside marketing agency versus an in-house marketing team, there are plenty of benefits an outside agency can offer. Marketing is about portraying the value of a brand or product to potential customers, customer retention, building awareness and promoting a brand. Although you may personally know people who you could hire to take on the responsibility, an agency will already have a diverse team in place with expertise in a variety of markets. Hiring an agency removes the responsibility of adding another

2708, 2018

Facebook Marketing Tips For Business

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Facebook Marketing Tips For Business When it comes to marketing your business on Facebook there are some general rules that will improve your strategy. -Start by using the 80/20 method of posting content (80% funny, relevant, educational content and 20% promoting the business) -Include high-quality images or original videos -Provide coupons or discounts -Make use of the call to action button -Keep posts short and sweet -Spark curiosity by using posts like “how-to-guides”, fill-in-the-blank", "caption this photo", etc. So aside from the above mentioned, here are some additional guidelines for finetuning your Facebook presence. Use Facebook and Instagram for

2008, 2018

Tools That Help Strengthen Your Marketing Efforts

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Tools That Help Strengthen Your Marketing Efforts     Not too long ago, business owners and marketing agencies had access to just a hand full of platforms, whereas they now have thousands at their disposal. These platforms carry out functions that range from marketing automation to analytics, content acquisition, social media and more. New tools will require due diligence, research, evaluation and analysis. With so many tools to choose from, it can be a challenge to find the ones that suit your needs. Here we detail some that are sure to make a difference in your marketing strategy. Have A

508, 2018

How To Make Your Brand Stand-Out In The Digital Marketplace

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How To Make Your Brand Stand-Out In The Digital Marketplace The digital market place is a sea of vendors all clamoring for the attention of the masses. Then you have the industry leaders like Amazon continuously changing the game for online retail. If you want to be noticed, your brand needs to rise to the occasion. You must produce product content that calls to the consumer for a specific product. It could be something as simple as having family-oriented terminology or relevant photos that fully showcase your product. So what drives shoppers to buy online? Here we mention a few

3007, 2018
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Generating More Leads for Your Business

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Generating More Leads for Your Business For any business, generating leads must be a top priority.  Thankfully there are many ways get effective leads quickly. The ideas compiled below can be employed by businesses of all sizes and throughout most industries. The trick is to continuously test variables and modify tactics to make them work for your target customers. Here are some ways to generate leads for your business: Blog Writing in a blog is one of the best lead generators currently in use. It allows a company total control of what is said and a chance to have