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2601, 2021
  • Nuzzledot - Video SEO Marketing

8 Ways To Optimize Videos For SEO & Search Engine Marketing

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8 Ways to Optimize Videos for Search Engines By: Nuzzledot When you create a website, you make sure that your content is SEO optimized. The reason behind it is that you want your website to be among the top ranking websites when a person searches your niche using a search engine. Video SEO works the same way, and if you want your video to be in the top-ranked videos, you will find ways to optimize the video in the best possible way. However, Video SEO optimization is a little more complicated. You can spend days shooting, editing, and perfecting the

1210, 2020
  • Miami Digital Marketing Agency

Choosing The Right Company For Your Digital Marketing Solutions in Miami, Florida.

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Choosing The Right Company For Your Digital Marketing Solutions in Miami, Florida. Navigating around the online world of digital marketing can be intimidating, especially if you've never had any experience.  Understanding Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Paid Advertising, and Media Buying, Social Media Marketing can take years to learn and master, years that you don't have. That's why finding a competent and trustworthy digital partner to split your online marketing load is crucial in creating an online presence in the digital world.  However, anyone with an internet connection with a few dollars can create a website and begin

2909, 2020

Website Cost

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How Much Should Your Website Cost Your website is the portfolio of your company. It’s the first thing they see and their first impression of your company’s brand. Regardless of how they found you; Google, Referrals, or Word of Mouth, most potential customers will look at your website to learn more about your services before purchasing. That’s why having a website is crucial to your business success. Nowadays, websites can be created with a few dollars making it harder and harder to stand out from your competitors. That’s why you need a professional team that can help you separate

2909, 2020

SEO Audit

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SEO Audit An SEO Audit is a process that looks at the technical infrastructure of your whole website. From the technical issues, on-page issues, backlinks, and identifies your surrounding competitors in your niche. Having regular SEO audits is crucial to keeping your website’s visibility to search engines as the algorithms are constantly changing. Here are the benefits of having an SEO Audit for your website. Identifying Technical Issues Technical SEO helps search engines crawl your website better. The easier it can search and find your information, the more likely the search engine will provide results to your target audience

1806, 2020
  • SEO Miami

How important is finding the right company to work on your digital marketing plans

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How important is finding the right company to work on your digital marketing plans Having the right digital marketing agency working for you can make the difference between earning hundreds to thousands of dollars for your company, and can greatly increase the amount of traffic to your website. It is important to narrow down what to look for in a marketing agency in order to make the right choice. Digitally Savvy You should look for a company that is up to date on the latest trends and understands the digital age that we live in. They should be strong

406, 2020
  • SEO in Miami

Best Digital Marketing Trends in These Uncertain Times

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Best Digital Marketing Trends in These Uncertain Times During this time in quarantine, people have little to resort to other than navigating the internet. Now more than ever, people are relying on the connectivity that the internet brings to see what their favorite brands are selling online. While there are few upsides that the pandemic brings, the increase of online sales is a substantial one. Now is the time for businesses to improve their digital marketing in order to drive more customers to their site and increase their revenue. Some of the trends that businesses could adapt are interactive

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