6 12, 2018
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The Practice of Online Marketing


The Practice of Online Marketing Online marketing, also known as Internet marketing, digital marketing, web marketing, and search engine marketing; is the practice of leveraging web-based channels to spread awareness about a brand, products, or services to potential customers. There are various methods and techniques for online marketing which include display advertising, email, social

13 11, 2018
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What Are Marketing Channels And How Are They Used?


What Are Marketing Channels and How Are They Used? Marketing Channels refer to the ecosystem needed for getting products from production to consumption.  Channel Management is a process where the company develops various marketing techniques and strategies to reach its customer base. Marketing channels are sometimes referred to as Distribution Channels, which is a

5 11, 2018
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Types of Online Marketing


Types of Online Marketing Digital marketing has grown exponentially, and it has become easier to reach customers. As Internet advertising tools have become accessible to the mainstream, the types of tools available have also increased. Having variety means that almost every kind of business can reach its audience. With so many options, it can

15 10, 2018
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What is Online Marketing?


What is Online Marketing? Establishing your brand and reaching out to consumers is an essential part of marketing. Using a variety of internet tools, online marketing helps build a company’s reputation and exposure online. Online marketing, also known as internet marketing or online advertising, could be any tool or strategy used to get the

1 10, 2018
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What does an online marketer do?

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What does an online marketer do? As the internet has become more popular, it is vital for businesses to have effective online marketing strategies to draw attention to their business. Professionals in marketing help companies with web designing, online marketing, advertising, creating content, videos, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. Marketers must have a

24 09, 2018
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Getting Exposure Via Social Media


Getting Exposure Via Social Media Over the past few years, Social Media has become an essential digital marketing tool, which gives exposure and more marketing leverage whether it be a product, brand or service. It has transformed from a mere trend to an all-out necessity for any marketing strategy. People are spending a large

16 09, 2018
  • Marketing Automation

Pros & Cons of Marketing Automation


Pros & Cons of Marketing Automation When marketing automation was first introduced, the idea of having your leads nurtured and activities executed automatically was enough to attract most marketing professionals, although many stood on the fence skeptical of its capability. Fast-forward to today, and marketing automation has evolved from a niche to a must

3 09, 2018
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Benefits of Using a Marketing Agency


Benefits of Using a Marketing Agency If you are considering the pros and cons of hiring an outside marketing agency versus an in-house marketing team, there are plenty of benefits an outside agency can offer. Marketing is about portraying the value of a brand or product to potential customers, customer retention, building awareness and

27 08, 2018
  • Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Marketing Tips For Business


Facebook Marketing Tips For Business When it comes to marketing your business on Facebook there are some general rules that will improve your strategy. -Start by using the 80/20 method of posting content (80% funny, relevant, educational content and 20% promoting the business) -Include high-quality images or original videos -Provide coupons or discounts -Make

20 08, 2018

Tools That Help Strengthen Your Marketing Efforts


Tools That Help Strengthen Your Marketing Efforts     Not too long ago, business owners and marketing agencies had access to just a hand full of platforms, whereas they now have thousands at their disposal. These platforms carry out functions that range from marketing automation to analytics, content acquisition, social media and more. New tools

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