Best Digital Marketing Trends in These Uncertain Times

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During this time in quarantine, people have little to resort to other than navigating the internet. Now more than ever, people are relying on the connectivity that the internet brings to see what their favorite brands are selling online. While there are few upsides that the pandemic brings, the increase of online sales is a substantial one.

Now is the time for businesses to improve their digital marketing in order to drive more customers to their site and increase their revenue. Some of the trends that businesses could adapt are interactive content, immersive technology, search algorithms, and social commerce.

Interactive Content

93% of marketers believe that the usage of interactive content will engage and educate consumers better than traditional methods. By using interactive content, the call to action becomes clear and brand awareness will increase. Some types of content you could implement are polls, quizzes, and videos in order to bring the customer into the conversation and make them feel a part of the brand.

Immersive Technology

The usage of VR tools such as Playstation VR and Google Cardboard creates three-dimensional thinking and enhances the user experience. The percentage of companies experimenting with immersive technology is set to increase by 70% in the next few years and about 25% of companies will make this a primary way to communicate with audiences.


Since traditional outbound methods do not have a high amount of conversion rates compared to SEO, utilizing search algorithms is the way to go. SEO will lead to better quality leads for your business and will create a fast and user-friendly company website. Using SEO will also benefit your company by ranking it at the top of search engines and lead it to have higher conversion rates.

Social commerce

By companies selling their products on their social platforms, they are using social interaction in order to assist online buying. By having shoppable stories and ads on social media with links to their e-commerce sites, they are making their customers engaged and are making their company more successful online.

In essence, while most companies are suffering from the lack of work available and the loss of revenue, one area is improving during these difficult times. Consumers are now shopping online instead of visiting stores. To beat out competition and stay at the top of consumers’ minds, you should work on improving your company’s digital marketing strategies in order to help keep your business afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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