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8 Ways to Optimize Videos for Search Engines

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When you create a website, you make sure that your content is SEO optimized. The reason behind it is that you want your website to be among the top ranking websites when a person searches your niche using a search engine.

Video SEO works the same way, and if you want your video to be in the top-ranked videos, you will find ways to optimize the video in the best possible way. However, Video SEO optimization is a little more complicated.

You can spend days shooting, editing, and perfecting the video for your webpage, but it won’t get the ranking you expected. How should you tackle this daunting situation? The one-word answer is “YouTube”.

Did you know YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine? The most important thing to notice is, Google owns the famous video search engine. So, if you couldn’t get your website to rank among the top ones, YouTube can help you rank better through video optimization.

Following are eight important ways that can get your video the ranking it deserves.

8 Ways for Video Optimization

1.   Find Keywords, Just Like Regular SEO

Keywords are words or phrases that make it easier for users to search relevant content through search engines. A well-optimized video will be easily recognized by the search engine and connect the users to your site to generate more traffic and increase the watch time.

Now, search engines frequently display video clips embedded in text pages. Adding keywords to the video will increase its search results and ranks and be displayed often if used appropriately. 

Search for relevant target keywords and them in the following:

  •     Title and keyword tags
  •     Your video’s description
  •     Subtitles
  •     Caption
  •     Category listing

Add them in as many of these places as possible on the video upload page, wherever they would make sense according to your video’s content.

2.   Create an Engaging Video Title and Description

Whenever people search for videos, the deciding factor becomes the title of the video. If the title is catchy, short, and evokes curiosity, the chances of that specific video being clicked on and used for information increases.

Make sure you add a relevant keyword in the video title as well. It will increase the chances of your video being displayed on the top search results. Another point to consider is the video description.

Video descriptions are a sneak peek of what type of content the video contains. YouTube displays the first 157 characters out of 5000. So, add appropriate keywords and a call-to-action in the video description as well.

You can also add your website link on the top of your description instead of putting it at the end. This way, users are more likely to click on the link to gain more information, which increases the traffic on your website. You can add as much information in the video description as you like to explain the content inside.

3.   Consider Adding a Transcript

Video transcription means audio translation of the video into text format. Sometimes you want to view a video simply without audio. So, how will you understand what the content contains if you can’t hear it? It’s through video transcription.

Video transcripts attract a larger audience and are more recognizable by search bots because of the additional text present on the page. Through video transcripts, your video has more chances of a better rank in terms of queries.

If the video is lengthy, be sure to produce accurate and precise transcripts, as they will be responsible for your video’s rankings.

4.   Focus on the Video’s Topic

The topic of your video should be your primary focus. It should be something the users would want to see. The best way to go about choosing a video theme or topic is by analyzing the trends. Remember, Google focuses more on what’s trending the most, and the same goes for YouTube.

Search for any industry-related search topics by typing in YouTube’s search box. This YouTube search suggest feature will extract a list of recommended topics for you. Additionally, you can add the Keywords Everywhere extension in your browser to gather more volume and competition information.

Another way to choose the best topic is by analyzing your competitors’ videos and what their targeted audience liked. You can create a video that’s even better than your competition, attract more audience, and gain better rankings.

Don’t hesitate to develop your own unique ideas and make a killer SEO optimized video on them. After all, the sky’s the only limit.

5.   Let Your Page Focus on the Video

Whenever you open a website that carries video clips in it, you must have noticed the placement of those videos. Highly ranked websites place their videos at the top of their pages and make the video the center of attention of their web page.

The most common mistake people make is placing the video at the bottom of the page or keeping them hidden somewhere on the entire page. This results in your video not being indexed because it is harder for search bots to find the video.

Another downfall of placing your video at the end or hiding them is fewer people watching the video. If videos are at the bottom of the page, it becomes difficult for users to find and play them.

This way, the average watch time of the video reduces, resulting in a bad user experience. The best way to ensure that your video is scrapable and indexed is by designing the web page around your video.

You will find multiple examples on the internet of websites designing the web pages according to the embedded videos.

6.   Avoid Embedding Your Video on Multiple Platforms and Pages

To determine the right platform for your video, ask if you wish to have on-site traffic or you are only focused on raising brand awareness. If you go for brand awareness, then YouTube is the best choice.

But remember, if you want to increase on-site traffic, YouTube won’t be a smart choice. YoutTube would gain all the traffic and suggest other related videos that could possibly make you lose your users to other competing traffic. Choose one platform only and work on optimizing it to the par.

If you are hoping to gain more traffic by embedding your videos in too many places (your public websites), you will make the mistake of competing with yourself. Doesn’t that sound illogical? Avoid doing this at every cost!

7.   Ensure the Optimization and Relevance of the Entire Page, not Just the Video

Although SEO is a more significant part of the picture, it doesn’t make it the whole picture. Don’t only focus on the SEO optimization of the video. Focus on optimizing the entire page too. In other words, make your content shareable with precise and accurate information that ensures that the visitors will share it with others.

Make sure that the content you place on your page is mobile-friendly as well. More than half of the population uses mobile phones. Giving them a better user experience and the opportunity to minimize their efforts by making the content mobile-friendly will only increase your chances of gaining more traffic.

Similarly, the video must have a player that can view the video’s content across any device. The player size should adjust correctly with the screen size, and the splash screen image should be appealing and compatible with any device size.

8.   Promote Your Video in Other Ways, not Just SEO

SEO won’t be the only contributing factor in increasing your video’s traffic and ranking on search engines. There are other various marketing strategies to follow to gain more clicks and watch time on your videos. Let us know how we can help. We have been helping local business owners since 2008.

These strategies focus on the promotion of your videos. Although it sounds simple, it actually isn’t. Yes, you read it correctly! Jaw-dropping results come by putting in maximum effort and hard work.

You can’t develop a video promoting campaign and expect it to show successful results compared to an in-depth, properly researched video marketing strategy. The next step is to find and develop a promotion strategy by watching different video-promoting videos, reading blogs, and chatting on forums where you can get your queries answered.

Obtaining as much knowledge of creating a foolproof video promotion strategy will enhance your pre-made marketing strategies and allow you to add various valuable ways to grow your audience.

Another simple yet effective way of promoting your video is by sharing your content in different social media groups and forums. You will gain more traffic to your website with increased watch time.

Another pro tip: Understand that YouTube is not the only game-changing platform. Although you can pick up numerous views when your video is appropriately YouTube optimized, there are other platforms to consider.

By increasing the number of video backlinks pointing to your website, you will ensure that your video and its content have enhanced overall exposure. You can consider the following video directories for your video submission:

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