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Starting a new marketing campaign can be thrilling and absolutely terrifying all at the same time. The possibilities of amazing outreach towards your ideal customers, resulting in a positive ROI for the campaign, can electrify your business and make your boss incredibly happy.

But in order to make sure your marketing campaign goes down the path of celebratory drinks and a good pat on the back, there are 7 pieces of information you must know in order to successfully plan and execute your next marketing campaign.

  1. Know Your End Goal

Sounds pretty obvious, right? But knowing your main goal inside and out will set you and your team on a clear path towards that goal. On the other hand, if even one team member isn’t quite clear on what you are trying to achieve here, you could see some serious bumps and setbacks along the way. Make sure that after you’ve dove into the real specifics of your goal, and are as clear as possible on what those specifcs are, that everyone is on board.

  1. Know Your Ideal Customer

Next, you’ll need to know your target audience and ideal customer like they’re your best friend, or pretty close to it. Do the research to find out exactly who would like your product, then consider other aspects about this person’s life. The more you know about what your target customer likes, their daily challenges, and their demographics, the better idea you’ll have on how to reach these people.

  1. Keep Your Enemies Close

It is also important to research your competitors and find out what types of marketing strategies they are doing to reach their customers. What do you think is working? What isn’t working? What makes you different from them? These will help you formulate a strategy that is unlike anyone else’s, and one that hits on those points your competitors may be neglecting.

  1. Choose Your Medium

With digital marketing, the options how on to reach your audience are endless. Take what you know about your target audience, keep in mind their interests, and choose a medium that gives you the most exposure to these people. Are they on social media? Which platforms? What blogs do they read? Where do they get their news? Make sure you weigh all the pros and cons when it comes to advertising on certain platforms and pick the ones that are best for you and your audience.

  1. What Do You Want To Say?

Once you’re in front of your target audience, what message do you want to convey to them? What do you think is going to grab their attention and want to learn more? Think about how they will feel once they read your message, and what takeaways they will have about your product and services. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and get creative with your message.

  1. The Cost

Make sure you know exactly how much your budget is and how much your marketing campaign is going to cost you. How you decide to plan for and execute your campaign will determine how expensive it will be for your company. If what you planned on doing turns out to be more expensive than what you can actually do, try to find different ways you can accomplish your campaign goals. You may have to scale it back until your campaign hits the ground running, and depending on the return you start to see, you might be able to bring it back to your original plan.

  1. ROI

What is your projected Return On Investment of your marketing campaign? It’s always a good idea to have these numbers in mind so your ROI goals are just as clear as your marketing campaign goals. You may also want to give yourself a timeline of where your ROI should be at certain times during the campaign to stay on track and be successful.

While these 7 pieces of information are the most important, you shouldn’t stop here when it comes to researching, planning, and executing your next marketing campaign. There may be other factors to consider that is specific to your product and services, and knowing all your options when it comes to achieving your goals will only help you. Still, these ideas are crucial in every marketing campaign, and the more times you perform this proper planning, the better marketer you will be, giving you better results with each campaign.

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