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3 Tips For Choosing The Right SEO Agency

As a startup company that is just kicking it’s feet off the ground, getting in front of your ideal customer’s is the most important part of your survival. Every day customers are searching online for the next product and service that will help them with a problem or meet a need. Knowing these people are looking for you is the first step in realizing the importance of SEO in your marketing and business plans. Choosing the right SEO Agency can be tricky.

As more and more companies realize the extreme benefits of SEO, competition to get your brand in front of customers has risen to new heights. According to ​industry leaders, about 93 percent of all online endeavors start as a search. Thus, when a marketing strategy for optimal SEO is introduced, it can be the turning point for your company. That is why it is so important to hire an SEO Agency of professional digital marketers who can make sure your SEO is done right.

Here are three things to keep in mind when hiring the right SEO company to boost your online presence.

  1. Look at their previous work

Usually the website of a good SEO company has a page for their portfolio that includes case studies and a list of businesses that they have worked with. This is great insight into how their SEO capabilities improved business for others. Likewise, if there are no case studies and very little businesses listed, it might be a good cause for concern on whether this is the right company for you.

From an agency’s portfolio you can also get a good sense of what types of businesses they best serve. How big are these companies compared to yours? What kind of messaging and design techniques do they use? Find a company that works with your niche since they might have really good insight into your ideal customers and what gets them to click on one link rather than another.

  1. Have a clear vision for your SEO goals

After you’ve formed a list of potential agencies to work with according to their services and portfolio, you need to make sure you have clear goals for your brand. What do you want this company to accomplish for you? Having tangible figures that define your success, like a certain number of visits on your website per month, can help your marketing agency get you to those goals.

Along those same lines, make sure the communication and transparency between you and your marketing company is completely open. If everyone is on the same page as far as vision and goals, it will make for a smoother process for both parties involved. Keep in mind that nothing happens overnight and SEO efforts can take a while to really gain momentum. Listen and take into account what your SEO company is saying as far as a good timeline and together you can set realistic goals for the first few months.

  1. Do a background check

This may seem a little much, but you need to know that the company you hire is going to give you the best service. While testimonials on a company’s website may be good insight into their success stories, you should do a little more research to find out what others have experienced with the company. You need to find the good, the bad, and maybe even the ugly.

If you can, get a hold of two or three businesses this SEO company has worked with in the past. You’ll want to ask about the end results, but most importantly, you’ll want to know what it was like to work with one another throughout the entire process from start to finish. How did they communicate and what are some things they could have done better? Getting a feel for day-to-day interactions and honest accounts will be great insight as to whether this company is right for you.

Just as you would hire a new employee into your growing company, you’ll want to research and consider a number of candidates to run your company’s SEO strategy. This company needs to be a good fit and deliver the best results. If you do your homework, you’ll surely find a company that can give you both.

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