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At Local Search Media, DBA – Nuzzledot, we develop faster, smarter, full scale marketing solutions and campaigns for small and mid size businesses throughout Florida and across the country. Our process includes Google Ads, Website Design, Content & Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Home Services Specialty Ads, Branding, Re-Marketing Coding, Digital Advertising, Online Reputation Monitoring, Call Tracking, One-on-One Consulting and much more. Be seen by customers the moment they’re searching for what you offer. Start Now by calling us and scheduling a professional one on one analysis of your current marketing programs. References available. Check out our reviews from other local customers and see for yourself why Nuzzledot is the  wise choice for all your marketing needs in 2019.



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We develop strategies then create and maintain effective social media marketing campaigns


We create and monitor a variety of organic and paid acquisition channels via Google and Bing Ad Words.


We plan and developing shareable content, participate and build relationships directly with fans and influencers.


Our professional SEO services are all about getting your website found online to generate more business for your company.

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A beautiful website or digital marketing campaign is not something that happens. It is something that you create. Beauty matters and we embrace that. We know that you have a passion for your company and customer and we want to match that passion with the beauty of a great digital presence.

When you choose Nuzzledot you choose a dedicated family that is committed to your success. Let’s Get Started!

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Nuzzledot – Full Service Digital Marketing, located in beautiful South Florida, is a leading advertising agency that specializes in helping companies increase their online presence and sales through digital marketing techniques, design, and analytics. Since 2008, we’ve worked with small business owners and large corporations in a variety of industries, allowing us the experience to provide results for each unique entity through data-driven methods that guarantee success.

Our Full Suite Of Services Includes:

  • Brand Consulting

  • Creative / Design
  • Brand Consulting

  • Website Design & Development
  • Strategic Guidance
  • Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

  • Email Marketing
  • Pay Per Performance Management
  • Online Reputation Management

  • Social Media Management
  • Media Buying / Planning

For more information on how Nuzzledot can help your company achieve your desired goals, contact us at 877-956-2259.

With a strong understanding of your unique goals and present obstacles, we strategize a plan with a full, in-house creative team for direct advertising, branding, SEO, front-end development, web design, content writing, social media marketing, Google certified pay for performance managers, and Google Analytics Certified data analysts. Together, with our thorough understanding of brands and how that correlates to digital marketing landscapes, our highly experienced team can strategically attract your ideal customers, convert them into leads, and nurture them through the decision making process. Our goal is to help your organization succeed, and once we execute a digital marketing plan, we continue to modify that plan depending on analytics and consumer response.

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