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We are a full service internet marketing company hailing from sunny South Florida. We thrive on the opportunity to combine our digital marketing expertise with your vital company goals to produce a steady flow of website traffic that ramps up sales and exceeds profit margins.

Our online marketing experts are continually recognized for their effective and results-driven services, coupled with world class customer support and reputation. Basically, we like people and giving them the tools they need to expand their business.


Why You Want Us

Since 2008 we’ve been lighting up local business websites and marketing strategies by attracting and converting potential leads – turning them into delighted customers. Time and again we’ve pulled off this not-so-simple feat and we are excited to tackle the challenge of guiding your business to monumental degrees of success. Plus, we are pretty fun to be around and aren’t afraid to think out of the box for your unique company needs!

How We Make It Happen

We’ve got the magic mix of SEO, SEM, design, and creativity that drives consumers to your website for all of their service and product needs. We start by learning and understanding who you are, then we move on to exploring the buying habits of your ideal customers. We figure out just exactly what they are searching for online, features that peak their interest, and the key factors that lead them to deciding on you. After this we throw in ingredients such as link building, social media marketing, website design, content writing, and brand consulting to create a recipe that makes your customer’s buying experience simple and smooth.

Nuzzledot Creative Agency

Keyword Research
At this point we start to research keywords that convert and also keywords that have the highest potential of ROI. Identifying the ideal customers for your business is crucial during this process and methodology.

Design + Coding
A Content Management System (CMS) will be customized and integrated. Beautiful web fonts, code optimized for speed and SEO, cutting edge cloud-hosting – it all makes for the highest quality website.

Website Goes Live!
With a good content strategy for blogging, expert advice on SEO, link-building and social media – this is only the beginning of what we can do for you and your business. We are  a one-stop online marketing agency.

Meet & Greet
A Nuzzledot website begins with nothing more complicated than a good chat. We’d love to hear about your business, your goals, your existing web presence and you. Call us at  877-956-2259.

Tell the world about yourself in the most trendy way possible.



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Featured Client: Freedom Insurance Agency

Introducing Freedom Insurance Agency, Inc.– a full-service, family-owned insurance agency located in Ft. Lauderdale, has been serving South Florida’s Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties—and all of Florida—since 1989.

Want To Know More?

The world of digital marketing and online media is always changing, with media platforms constantly evolving and consumers easily drawn to different and new content. The reality of internet marketing is, it isn’t easy. But staying on top of the latest trends, statistics, and new apps is imperative as it can create endless opportunities for small companies to reach larger audiences. The facts are in: Internet marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive your business to higher degrees of success.

And you can’t do it alone. As your company grows and your initiatives and goals change, you’re going to want a marketing campaign that grows with you. Staying relevant and fresh is what consumers are constantly looking for in a company, and the best way to do that is to hire an expert.

At Nuzzledot, we know what it takes to create rich content, how to get that content in front of your most desired customers, and lead them on a successful buyer’s journey through your website. The magic is in the details; our SEO and SEM efforts have proven time and again to produce long-lasting results for businesses needing more exposure and our unique website designs are always pushing the envelope on attracting and retaining website visitors.

Let us help you and we will take care of all your business’s internet marketing initiatives as they instantly become our own. We pride ourselves in our first class customer service where we openly communicate with every client on the process and progress of our efforts and readily address all your internet marketing and SEO needs with fast and reliable solutions. Give us a call and let’s talk about your vision and how we, together, can make your marketing business goals come to fruition and exceed expectation.

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